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Being a thriving Designer today needs transformation, not information — which can only help you survive.

If you’re a self-taught Designer needing a guide or a creative feeling like an imposter or a maker looking for a GPS into making successful products, this signature program is especially crafted for you.

DPDI is a 16-week bootcamp that is coach-led and cohort-based, to help you create better digital products, level up your career and become industry-ready Designer by mastering the fundamentals.

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See what is DPDI and why we crafted it

who's it for?

DPDI is for aspiring and self-taught Product Designers who want to build core skills, gain creative confidence and thrive in their careers faster, better and in affordable way.

User Experience Designer
User Interface Designer
Digital Product Designer
Front-End Developer
Product Manager
Graphic Designer
User Researcher
Startup Founder

what's so special?

Get strong foundation

Learn the essentials of product design and the pareto of application that’ll equip you to solve any problem confidently.

Learn experientially

Deepen your Product Design learning with coach-led, hands-on and reflective approach that leaves you powered for life.

Be industry thriving

Learn with real examples, real case-studies and practical approaches that’d prepare you to thrive in creative industry.

Steal our secrets

Learn to use a plethora of our secret sauces from 30+ yrs of expertise to move effectively and efficiently in your roles.

Transform in 16 weeks

Experience the joy, rigour and wisdom of product making that you can use life-long with our deeply crafted curriculum.

Meet master makers

Join the community of diverse makers and masters to expand your network with more meaningful connections.

Get better offers

Get into better jobs confidently and start your Product Design career on the right foot, even before you finish the program.

Get the best of cohort

Make the most of your learning ROI with individual focused learning, accountability and with smart, fun, diverse peers.

what to

The curriculum for 16 weeks is meticulously crafted to be transformative and fun to prepare you holistically as an industry-ready professional while paving way for your continuous learning.

DPDI Syllabus Cover that says 20 Radicals, 16 Weeks, 8 Subjects, 1 Goal
The 4M Framework
Visual Perception
Cognitive Perception
Reflective Perception
Value Management
Value Proposition
Customer Profile
Value Map
Value Proposition Design
User Experience Map
User Stories
Information Design
Interaction Design
Visual Design
Design for Production
Developer Handoff
Validating Products
Design Communication
Working with Stakeholders
Continuous Learning
20 Radicals Graphic with 20 4-pointed stars in a circle.

what's the

Our proven frameworks will enable you to produce high quality output whatsoever and equip you with timeless learning.


As doers teaching you, we know true learning always begins when you do. DPDI is structured to get you to action from Day 1.


In DPDI, you get to imbibe the concepts deeply by reflecting on your thoughts, experiences and activities.


DPDI by design helps you discover whole new ways of seeing, thinking and acting by your questioning and curiousity.


In DPDI, you establish skills by redoing and applying what you learnt in the right context and in the right way with guidance.


DPDI leaves you as an impactful designer with strong first principles approach to solving any problem in any industry.


DPDI equips you with a playbook of efficient and effective ways to handle complex industry projects.


DPDI is all about making you a skillful Maker who creates holistic user experiences and crafts high quality interfaces.


DPDI helps you deeply understand the privilege of being a Maker and gives tools to conduct yourself well anytime.


DPDI starts and anchors on first principles to help you think in a timeless manner irrespective of constraints and contexts.


The 2nd phase of DPDI is focused on improving your attention to grasp the basics and concepts deeply.


DPDI's 3rd phase helps you to capture the subtleties of the craft and skillfully apply your knowledge to any challenge.


The final phase encourages you to take good stances and bets to make informed decisions — a core job of a Designer.

meet your coaches, teachers, managers

With a combined experience of 40+ years working, teaching and coaching across various domains and brands, this signature program is conducted by the core team of Xperian.

Chief Instructor
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22 yrs experience
19 patents
200+ products contributed
70000+ hrs of design
80000+ UI screens
600+ Masterclasses
2000+ Students
20 domains
Chief Instructor
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11 yrs experience
15 creative skills
72 products contributed
60000+ hrs of design
55000+ UI screens
50+ Masterclasses
500+ Students
12 domains
Program Manager
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9 yrs experience
8 creative skills
60 products contributed
50000+ hrs of design
40000+ UI screens
50+ Masterclasses
1000+ Students
10 domains


Xperian is not an education company, but a learning company focused on empowering every maker to raise the bar of creative problem solving.

With Xperian, you experience proven, scientific teaching methods, mastery in various fields, connect with diverse makers and be a part of the Makers ecosystem.

Trusted by Top-tier Companies, National Institutions and more
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hear it from the makers

Over the past 3 years, over 2000 makers have made their journey better and over 50 companies became profitable and valuable.

Profile Picture of Arvind
Arvind Bajaj
Head - Tech & Ops, Society Generale

DPDI changed my perspective to look at everything in life. It did give me a new pair of eyes to be able to see better when it comes to digital products.

There were a number of times in the course when I experienced "wow" moments. It has been awesome to get to know Karthi, and see products, business & experience through her eyes.

For once, you meet passionate people who live the subject that you want to learn. You end sessions inspired and raring to go.

I wish there were more teachers like Xperian. I recommend the experience of Xperian to you all.

Profile Picture of Pavan
Pavan Kumar
Associate Design Manager, Navi

You rarely come across real talents who stand out like Karthi. I had the pleasure of learning from Karthi in Xperian School.

It was the phase in my design career which had a phenomenal impact on my thought process and the way I see product design.

Post the course my confidence levels had a big-time boost to take and solve design problems. Genuine expert is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Karthi. Her ever-smiling and warmth way of handling students is exceptional and unmatched.

06 NOV, 2019 • LINKEDIN ↗
Profile Picture of Ankur
Ankur Parihar
Designer, Walmart

Xperian School, hands down is the best school I have ever come across both online + offline.

The most credit for this goes to Karthi! She has been instrumental in not just teaching but giving us a new pair of glasses to see the design and in that way, the entire world in a diffeerent way.

Madhuri at Xperian makes it smoother than you can imagine. She is ultra-responsive and takes care of everything. The Visual Design, Typography knowledge from Arjun is phenomenal. His passion and love for design are infectious.

Also, the team at Xperian has had several years of experience designing for the multi-million dollar companies so what you learn is not just theory but Industry grade design knowledge which is hard to get.

Basically, if you are serious about learning design, just go and sign up! period.

11 AUG, 2019 • LINKEDIN
Profile Picture of Sanketh
Sanketh Sampara
Product Designer, Townscript

If you're looking for a course that will bring you to Industry standards for Digital Product Design. This is it!

I took this course this year and I can see a tremendous amount of improvement in my design skills (Both soft + hard skills) This course is so nicely balanced between the UX and UI aspects of Product Design.

It teaches you the value of each step involved in the process of designing a product. And Karthi (Course Instructor) is an excellent teacher of design. If you don't already love design, you'll fall in love because of the way she teaches the subject.

11 JUL, 2019 • LINKEDIN
Profile Picture of Anjali
Anjali Rajvanshi
Sr. SME & Instructional Designer, upGrad

2020 was the pandemic year and it is this year that I undertook the PMI program from Xperian.

Right from the beginning Xperian provided a mindmap of what will be covered during the course.

During the course, we were taught different topics and were then given projects to work on in teams. These projects took our learning to a different level.

Complete support was provided during the entire course duration and even after that. The way I see products now has completely changed thanks to Xperian.

Profile Picture of Digvijay
Digvijay Phadke
Product Designer, Townscript

It is very hard to find a guru that would help you in transforming. Someone who believes in you and helps you to be a better version of yourself.

I remember day one of this coursework where all of us were excited to start learning aspects of design. But you cannot learn the subject just like that. You have to have that maker's hat on you and thus the mindset.

It was not just the modules to cover rather the experience was therapeutic. Definitely, this helped me to deep dive into the subject with the right pair of eyes. Every day I learned something new. The mantra was to be 1% better every day, to go into the depths of behaviors, interactions, visuals, empathizing with the human mind, and crafting solutions.

And I believe that this helped me in transforming into a beautiful maker and thinker. Definitely, this coursework was a firm foundation.

Xperian is quite an experience 🙌

Profile Picture of Jayarani
Jayarani Kumar
Sr. Manager UX, Mercedes

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning."- Brad Henry

Karthi perfectly aligns this quote with her teachings. Her super strong fundamentals makes you to dig back to roots and make you to feel the joy of learning the details.

Bigger picture on business and teaching the process towards solutions were a treasure for human centric problems.

One has to taste the honey to express it and I would say sitting in her classes lightens you up. Her way of connecting the dots of various topics were so ease and she designs it like arranging right puzzle.

DPDI was a life changing design experience both as a human approach towards human centric problems as well as a business product design specialist.

19 NOV, 2019 • LINKEDIN ↗
Profile Picture of Mukta
Mukta Kulkarni
UI-UX Designer, Coditas

The wisest decision I have made in 2019 was to join Xperian.

If you are looking for GURU in Design then you should learn from Karthi. She is the most kind human being I have ever seen.

Karthi lives for Design and when you listen to her in classes you can visualize the concepts and that's how you learn Design. I feel lucky that I got a chance to learn from her.

07 NOV, 2019 • LINKEDIN
Profile Picture of Kamakshi
Kamakshi Madankumar
Product Designer, Toptal

One of the best things I did for myself was to get enrolled with Xperian’s DPDI.

The people, the teams, the whole learning experience is to keep for a lifetime.

The design education style is super adaptive and has given me the confidence that whatever I choose to do I can do it well.

I have found my lifelong relationship with learning, through Xperian.

Profile Picture of Mhonika
Mhonika Bharathi
Business Analyst, Thoughtworks

Karthi has been one of the most significant influences in my life. By every definition, she is been what you would call a mentor.

The best thing that has happened to me this year is learning product design from Karthi. She loves what she does and you can see that love in her classes.

That passion to make us all designers is what motivated us to keep going! I started seeing products and life much differently.

05 NOV, 2019 • LINKEDIN ↗
Profile Picture of Saqib
Saqib Hussain
Sr. Lead Experience Design, WONGDOODY

Xperian, one of a kind product design schools out there especially relevant for the current times. The kind I have been wishing for in the current education system. The value delivery is of prime importance to Xperian. In my opinion, they have redefined education at its core.

Classes are designed like products. They keep iterating the process constantly depending upon how the students react. They understand the learning style of each student. As each of us has a different learning pattern, individual attention is paid to each student & that too 24 * 7. That is the reason they do only one program a year in each domain & max 24 students only.

I am thankful that I got to be part of this program. If anyone is wishing to join the program, I would suggest this mantra: "learn to unlearn first", only then you can feel the magic & you will see the world from new pair of eyes.

I am excited to see what new things they will come to DPDI 2020. I know this much that our 12 weeks boot camp has already become 36 weeks. I want to closely observe more as an alum.

For true lovers of design, I would highly recommend this program.

Along with Xperian, let's raise the bar of design together!

07 NOV, 2019 • LINKEDIN
Profile Picture of Vipul
Vipul Vinzuda
Design Faculty, NID

We have invited Karthi to teach our Postgraduate (MDes) students of Transportation & Automobile design July 2018 for 2-week course module on HMI (Human Machine Interface), knowing her background in Cognitive science.

She has delivered the inputs of this complex subject very effectively, her presentation and preparation for the course material was professional.

She brought her vast industry experience and shared her passion for design thinking with our students with utmost honesty. I reckon she has inspired all the students in such as short span, making them wish to learn more from her.

A very humble and true design educator. Looking forward to having you more often at NID.

05 MAR, 2019 • LINKEDIN
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editions and fees

At Xperian, we’re dedicated to bring quality learning at an relatively low cost to empower many makers.

Core Edition
Private Community
Design Resource Vault
20 Radicals
60-Part Recorded Videos
Weekly Live Coaching
Weekly Live Sprints
Personalised Feedback
Lifetime Course Material


+ 18% GST
cost per individual
Portfolio Edition
Everything in Core Edition
Primer on Design Careers
Live Career Sessions
Real Project (30d)
Coach Led Career Support
Career Resource Vault
Mock Interviews
Case Studies


+ 18% GST
cost per individual
Upgrade from Core later for ₹80K
Lifetime Edition
Everything Core & Portfolio
100+ Advanced Concepts
Weekly Coaching Calls (180d)
Priority Support
Personalised Advice (4hrs)
Continuous Learning Vault
Elite Design Club
Expert Sessions & Workshops


+ 18% GST
cost per individual
Limited to 10 seats
* Prices for 2023

get reimbursed by your company

Most organisations reimburse tuition for professional development or sponsor it. If you need help with a letter, just write to us:

pay your fees interest free

For all editions above, we offer interest-free, 3-month EMIs. Details will be shared post applying for the program.


Whether you’re sure about it or not, our admission process is designed to help you make an informed decision in your career and see fitment of DPDI for needs and your context..

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Calendars open up to 18 Sep

Post our assessment you can schedule a 1-1 call with Coach to make informed decision on your career and enrollment.

3. Enrollment
Enrollments ON up to 20 Sep

Officially enroll by choosing an edition and paying upfront or with interest-free EMIs.

4. Getting Ready
Program starts on 24 Sep

Get onboarded, access more program details and kickstart afresh for a wonderful journey of learning Design.

want to sample?

You can invest in 1% before you jump in 100% for the cohort program.

Weekend Design Workshop (WDW) is a 2-day fun-filled yet intensive workshop, aiming at getting you started with Product Design on the right foot.

You will learn fundamentals of Product Design (0-1) from a practitioner and design simple apps confidently with ease, effectiveness and efficiency.

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have more questions?

Check out our answers via audio to some common questions you may have on the program, to make an informed decision.

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